Cryptopay – Innovation with Debit Cards

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What Does Cryptopay Offer?

Cryptopay offers its users the opportunity to own a Bitcoin wallet like no other. It offers greater functionality than other similar services for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin. So what can Cryptopay users expect to gain from using this service?

a) The Flex Account

With Cryptopay Flex accounts, users can buy, sell or BTC safely as a hedge against price fluctuations of BTC. Users can maintain the Cryptopay Flex account in Euros, British Pounds or BTC itself. Accounts can be funded with SEPA, UK FPS, or using your BTC address. In other words, it is possible to fund your Flex account using fiat currencies or BTC. Send your BTC to anybody you wish, or spend the BTC in merchant sites that accept Bitcoin, and there are many of such sites now.

b) The Cryptopay Debit Card

This is a special card that is issued by VISA on behalf of Cryptopay. Load your card from your BTC wallet, and spend the fiat currency or BTC equivalent on websites where this is accepted. The card works online, offline and also internationally. Lower card limits do not require ID verification. However, ID verification must be done to transact with higher limits. Two versions of the card are available: the physical card and the virtual card.

There are transaction limits on each method, which can be lifted by performing an ID verification. Usage of these card versions also attract charges, some of which are listed below:

c) BTC Integration Service for E-Commerce Websites

It is also possible for independent e-commerce websites to start accepting payments in Bitcoin by integrating with the Cryptopay BTC wallet system. This will require integration of the API code of Cryptopay into the e-commerce payment page. Accepting Bitcoin as a form of e-commerce payments has several advantages. There is virtually no chance of fraud, low fees with no rolling reserve, no need for PCI-DSS compliance and access to international markets.

Assets Traded/Exchanged on Cryptopay

The only asset that is traded on Cryptopay is BTC. Since BTC is the only cryptocurrency that is traded on the Cryptopay platform, the only means of buying Bitcoin is using the fiat currencies accepted on Cryptopay, which are the Euro and the GBP. Also, you can sell your BTC by exchanging for a fiat currency payment. Accept the fiat currency payment offline and fulfill the BTC transaction on the Cryptopay platform.

Exchange of BTC is already a huge business in many countries. This is because without any centralized control of BTC, anyone can enter this business and start to buy or sell BTC for money without any geographical or security restrictions. Cryptopay is accessible to almost anyone worldwide, except countries which are on international financial blacklists such as Syria and North Korea.

Trading Platforms

Cryptopay’s BTC exchange services can only be performed on the Cryptopay website. Those who want to buy or sell BTC on Cryptopay need to open an account and submit themselves to ID verification. Even though lower limits of transactions can be done without an ID verification, it is advised that anyone who wishes to do BTC exchange business gets verified. This establishes a solid reputation on the Cryptopay platform and lifts transaction limits.

Cryptopay presently does not come with a mobile app. It is hoped that this will become available in due course.

Special Trading Features

Here are some of the special features on the Cryptopay platform:

a) Traders on Cryptopay can request for a plastic or virtual debit card. The Cryptopay debit card is accepted wherever VISA is accepted.

b) Developers can get access to a Cryptopay API, which enables them to configure a Cryptopay-based BTC exchange service for any website.

Trading BTC on Cryptopay: The Process

You can buy and sell BTC on Cryptopay. Here is how it is done.

a) Buying BTC

In order to buy Bitcoin on Cryptopay, this is how to go about it. Open an account, get it verified, and then use fiat currency deposits via SEPA (Eurozone) or local bank accounts (UK) to buy Bitcoin.

b) Selling BTC

Open and verify your account. When you have BTC for sale, you can sell them to Cryptopay and get the fiat currency equivalent paid to you. Some people decide to sell to other users, exchange fiat currency offline and then send the BTC from seller’s wallet to buyer’s wallet.

Transaction Methods

Traders can use various channels of depositing and withdrawing funds on the Cryptopay platform. Deposits and withdrawal transactions can be performed using fiat currency (Euros and British Pounds only), or directly from the BTC wallet in Bitcoin. These transaction channels are as follows:

1) Cryptopay Debit Card: Cryptopay offers a VISA debit card which makes it very easy to spend your Bitcoins at various businesses where BTC is accepted.

2) Cryptopay also offers the option of using conventional bank wires to fund accounts. For instance, SEPA can be used from any of the 26 countries that are part of the SEPA agreement. SEPA users can fund accounts using Euros. For users in the UK, local bank accounts can be used to deposit and withdraw funds from their BTC wallets.

Customer Support

What are the Cryptopay customer service channels? Cryptopay can be reached in English only, on the following channels:

– Live chat facility

– Email support:

– Social Media: Facebook (, Twitter ( as well as on LinkedIn and Google+.


Cryptopay’s Debit card is truly an innovation in the cryptocurrency exchange space. This facility allows users to access and use their Bitcoin in any form that they wish without restrictions. Users are free to subscribe to the plastic or virtual versions of the card, and comply with the terms of usage and limits that come with each package.